Is the Slimming Vest Good for Sweating and Fat Burning?

It is common to find those who, when training, think that the amount of sweating is directly related to the loss of body fat. This has become a way of manipulating information to generate in users behaviors that have little to do with the use of fat tissue as a source of energy.

When we train or exercise and cover ourselves with the material such as nylon, neoprene or other thermal material, our body quickly begins to raise the temperature and produce more sweat and try to evaporate it with the consequent temperature leveling.

It is for this reason that by training with these attachments such as the famous latex or slimming vests or bands or using local thermogenic gels the amount of water coming from deep and superficial tissues as well as organs is used to cool us down. As a result, we lose more water than in normal training conditions in ventilated areas or with normal clothing.

The interesting thing and what the marketing of these miracle products is based on is that if you do weigh yourself after training and sweating heavily your body weight drops significantly and you can register changes of up to a few kilograms less. If we add the measurement of the waist circumference to this “magic effect”, we will notice that it also decreased. The problem is that these are so-called acute training adaptations and will disappear as you rehydrate yourself again in the next few hours showing off your former waist and weight.

In conclusion

  • Sweating is a normal and expected physiological phenomenon to maintain your body temperature and is not directly related to fat loss.
  • Abruptly dehydrating tissues and organs can damage their function (e.g., muscle contraction).
  • If you want to lose weight, the formula we recommend so far (outside the surgical field): cardiovascular exercise at controlled intensity, controlled muscle development to increase metabolism and nutritional plan (developed by a specialist) and hydration.

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