Healthy Habits That Equal Long-Term Weight Loss

Yahoo! You lost the weight! You fought the battle, struggled, worked hard and persevered and finally, success and you have a great, healthy, new body, just full of energy and you look fantastic! The fear though is, can you keep it off?

You have learned new habits and just because you have won the battle, is it over?

The good news and verified by many other successful weight loss heroes is YES!! You can. What is their advice?

We have compiled a list of their most treasured and proven strategies. So, if you follow their simple steps, you can get on with the good life and look and feel great while doing so.

We are going to look at 8 habits that people have adopted to lose weight, things they’ve done to radically change their physical conditions successfully. The key point is that they have sustained their weight loss.

healthy habits for life

Don’t go back to the old habits

One recommendation that is repeated by them all is “Don’t return to your old lifestyle at all! Keep up the healthy lifestyle that helped you get to this point”.

Whatever those habits were, whether it was too much Chinese takeout and pizza or doughnuts or watching TV and not ever going for a walk, run, exercise or drinking soda, those habits were killing you.

Whether, you stopped your consumption of sweets or alcohol or chips and pop, and stuck to regular exercise habits or began drinking lots of water, whatever you did- keep doing it!

Don’t eliminate all foods

Another common factor with most of these winners is that they didn’t lose the weight by fad diets, programs or joining a club. Their common tip is that it was their own attitude and that they made their mind up that they had to lose weight.

Diets that are based on depriving or eliminating certain foods only are effective for as long as you can endure. The key is to find a way to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy your life and enjoy the variety of great, healthy foods and do get out and exercise. Treat yourself when you want to but just be careful not to slip into your old habits. Remember to be balanced and life will be good.

Have a support group to keep you on the healthy path

This is important. Get a friend, mate or partner to help keep you balanced, someone you have to be accountable to. Use social media and a fitness app on your computer, to help keep track of what you eat and your exercise routine or keep a journal.

Keep that body moving

Don’t get lazy and start sitting too much. Limit time on TV or the computer.

Many successful weight loss survivors found that walking for 2-3 miles, 3 days a week works really well. Some say that running is their best exercise. Others find that lifting weights or joining a gym is what helps them. Swimming or biking also is great.

Whatever you find that works for you, do it, as exercise is the key to successfully keeping the weight off.

The four tips – Sum it all up

Stay focused. Allow room to make mistakes-don’t beat yourself up or give up.

Prioritize, plan and shop wisely. Cook your own food.

Love yourself and your body. Treat yourself but NOT with BAD food.

If you have a bad day, don’t binge on food. Don’t use it as an excuse. Start again and be patient and change your mindset. Be patient with yourself.

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