Ab Crack: How and Why Getting it is Bad for Your Health

A new fitness challenge is invading social networks: getting the ab crack. In recent years, many crazy fashions have emerged that endanger the health of many influential and obsessed women who are obsessed with having the perfect body. To the tendency to have the thighs separated (Thing Gap), to put coins in the clavicles or the challenge to touch the navel passing the hand behind the back (Belly Button Challenge) is added the Ab Crack, forming a crack in the abdomen separating it in two parts. Like all previous fitness fashions, the Ab crack endangers everyone who wants to achieve it. This new trend requires an extreme diet, a very hard workout and abdominal exercises routine and a reduction in body fat of up to 14-20% is needed. Another element necessary to achieve the objective is genetics. Many of the women who seek to achieve this are not genetically equipped to do so. Something that can cause real disruption to these girls, both physically and mentally.

The consequences of this tendency can be very serious for your physical and mental health.

how to get abs

Fitness models like Hannah Bronfman, Emily Ratajkowski and Stella Maxwell showcase their Ab Crack photos in Instagram, influencing, whether they like it or not, millions of female followers who seek to have their bodies, whether they are genetically engineered or not. Whatever the fashion these girls follow, they are looking for an extremely slim body that is far removed from any healthy medical measure. To quote American doctor Marc Siegel: “It is a misleading goal to achieve. There’s nothing healthy about this crack, it just shows how thin you are.” The same doctor warns that one of the most serious consequences of this tendency may be a hernia that requires surgery: “If the gap between the abdomen and the dawn line is more than 3-5 centimetres, it can lead to a hernia. In its most serious manifestations, the solution is to resort to surgery for hernia or excessive abdominal weakness, or even to have to place a mesh to prevent internal organ displacement.

In conclusion, there are 2 compelling reasons not to get on the ab crack:

  1. Eating the extreme diet and hard training needed to get the Ab Crack can have serious health effects. Not only to be well below your BMI (body mass index), but also not to be malnourished or displaced by internal organs.
  2. Pursuing unattainable physical goals can lead to emotional and psychological distress.

We must focus on re-education in physics, nutrition and sport to avoid this kind of fashion that leads to an obsession with physics in millions of young people and can have fatal consequences. Extreme thinness (muscular or not) is as bad as obesity. We must work to learn to feed ourselves, to respect ourselves, to accept our limitations and, above all, to love ourselves. We have to prevent new generations from becoming obsessed with their physique and from basing most of their security and self-esteem on it.

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