Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction? We tell you the truth

If you watch television a lot, or if you are constantly googling something, you might notice a lot of impotence commercials popping up. This is simply because erectile dysfunction has become a serious problem, maybe even number one in the world. We know that there are far worse conditions than this one, but is it normal for young people to have erectile dysfunction? We dedicate this article to those who suffer from this condition and are too afraid or ashamed to ask for medical help. If you wonder Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction you need to read this.

erectile dysfunction causes

What is erectile dysfunction?

There are a lot of definitions for this condition, but all mean the same. Erectile dysfunction is lack of blood flow through the penis, which leads to inability of men to sustain an erection and inability to perform sexual relations with their partner.

There certainly are a lot of myths related to this topic and a lot of people are confused and ask “Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction” and “Is this problem common among young men”? As we always want the best care for our readers, we made a research and provided an answer to those two questions.

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Medically speaking, masturbation is healthy because it works as a stress reducer, helps to fall asleep faster, improves concentration and lowers headaches. But if this is true, then when do you need to stop doing it and when it is too much?

In order to masturbate, a lot of young men and women are watching pornographic content and this helps to stimulate the brain and reach climax. It does not have to be exactly as described because maybe you enjoy doing it by fantasizing. However, it is not important how you do it, but how often you do it.

If you are masturbating a lot often, then you are risking suffering from erectile dysfunction. And why is that so? Here is the answer:

When you watch porn, a huge flood of dopamine happens in the brain. Over time, receptors become more and more sensitive, and normal intimacy can no longer produce enough dopamine to stimulate the receptors. The more porn you watch the more damage you do to your body. Also you can start thinking about masturbation and porn constantly and will be unable to stop. So, the answer to your question “Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction” is YES.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

There are various ways to treat erectile dysfunction, and no, Viagra is not an option. In addition we suggest you try TestoUltra, RX24 or prostate massage therapy which have already proven their effects. It is really important to visit a doctor and make some tests, so you can find out how severe your situation is.

Do not buy Viagra at any cost, and do not buy every product you see on the TV or commercial ads. They all want to make money of your suffering. Instead, turn out to healthier habits and change your lifestyle.

There are a few steps you should take to improve your health and treat erectile dysfunction. First, it is important to know that smoking and alcohol are your number one enemies. They not only cause impotence, but also can be your worst enemies.

It is important to start exercising. This does not mean you should go to the gym every day and perform heavy trainings. It is enough if you walk or run and take fresh air daily. Throw every food which is bad for your health and include more salads on the table.

Remember that the answer to the question Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? is yes, and you should start treating it as soon as possible if you don’t want this impotence problem to be part of your life, until the end of it.

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